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If you get to the point that your body is using up proteins, basically the body itself, then you're in bad shape. Your metabolism also plays a role.

I TRIED FASTING FOR THREE DAYS - My Experience & Transformation

Metabolism is what converts food into energy. If you have a slow metabolism, you'll burn your food intake slower and be able to go longer without replacing the food energy. If you go without food, your metabolism will adjust accordingly and slow down on its own -- basically doing what it can to pitch in for survival's sake. Climate is a major factor too. The bad news is that both cold and hot weather are no good if you have no food.

The good news is that extreme heat and cold will kill you in other ways before you have a chance at starvation. But in terms of living without food, heat means faster dehydration -- cold means more energy is burned to keep the body's temperature at a cozy If you're lucky enough to be in mild temperatures, you'll be able to live a little longer without food.

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Advanced starvation will cause your organs to shut down one by one. People in the throes of severe starvation might experience the following:. In the next section, we'll look at how important water is and what happens to your body without it. Former IRA commanding officer Bobby Sands was actually elected into the British House of Commons while striking, helping to raise awareness for their cause. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher refused to bend, however. The prisoners drank small amounts of water, but refused food altogether.

Sands died from starvation in a prison hospital on the 66th day of the strike. Thatcher remained steadfast and called Sands a criminal and his death a suicide. Nine more prisoners died from starvation after Sands. Also, medications are used to prevent diseases in the animals. Because, non-organic foods use synthetic chemicals, it can be produced easier, and cheaper. Conventional vegetables and fruits are grown with toxic and harmful chemicals to fertilize the soil and kill weeds and insects. Organic produce has lower levels of pesticide residue than conventional fruits and vegetables.

On an organic farm foods are grown using natural bi-products, like manure, and compost. They use spray pesticides from natural sources and traps and mating distractions to keep pests and diseases away. Animals are fed organic feed, and have access to go outdoors.

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To keep the animals from sickness, preventive measures are used. Organic foods are rich in vitamins and proteins which are very essential for the growth on young generation, that's the reason why many parents go with organic fruits and vegetables. As per the saying 'prevention is better than cure', its always better to take organic food than to take convention food and suffer from various health issues and moreover its always best to buy organic fruits and vegetables which are a bit costly than convention ones than to spend money on health treatments.

Buying conventional food is cheaper, but it isn't cheap to be sick, especially with a major disease like cancer.

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People who buy organic fruits and vegetables are investing money in their own health and in a healthy future for their children. As the demand is more for organic food, many stores are selling them. It's best to spend the extra money, buy organic, and stay healthy. I know that's not academic language, but it's the truth! View the eBooks.

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    Food and Health Essays by Mana. Aug 14, Thanks by: Anonymous thanks for the essay.. Sep 05, Food and Health Essays - good by: Anonymous This is really helpful I done really good using this price of essay. Oct 08, appreciation by: Owais hanif Good efforts Oct 08, nice by: srinivas Hi friend, it's nice and informative but you missed one main thing. It's our mind, spirit. To stay healthy our positive thinking right attitude are also important.

    Oct 21, Food and Health Essays by: anchal very beautiful essay it helped me a lot thanks. Nov 22, good essay by: Anonymous Good essay of balanced diet. Jan 17, Best Essay by: Soumyashree Really it is very helpful I would take it as a reference Feb 14, balanced diet essay by: Anonymous great. Feb 21, I am awe with it awesome fabulous by: prathamesh I am awed with it awesome fabulous. Apr 01, helpful by: pratik this essay is really helpful thank you May 10, Miat by: Anonymous If i should rate it is 9. Surely it is a WOW!!! Aug 20, Thanks by: Palkesh Italiya I would like to thank you because I really got inspiration from your essay.

    I will help me to write my own essay.

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    Thank you very much Nov 27, Bogus by: Anonymous Not much material. Dec 18, good thouhts by: Anonymous nice points Jan 16, Healthy food habits by: Anonymous The information provided was an eye opener to all the people who have read it!! Jan 16, Healthy food habits by: Anonymous Awesome good information! Keep it up!! Feb 26, by: IELTS buddy Yes, it should be: "This leads to healthy nutritious organs and tissues" 'Nutritious' does not fit there either as this refers to food, not body parts.

    Jun 28, spetacular by: Anonymous it was totally awesome. Dec 27, I did not like it by: Anonymously I said i did not like it, i liked it very much it was very nice. This very nice. Apr 24, awesome job and great thanks! Apr 02, Food and Health Essays - good tried!!! May 26, Health education by: Babatunde Francis E Very explict, educative and tackle the main point.

    Motivation and the Brain - Eating Healthy Essay

    Eating Habits and Lifestyles of Children by Robab Iran Hello guys, please rate my food and health essay and tell me if there is any problem grammatically or lack of vocabulary or if the pattern is wrong. Nov 06, The eating habits and lifestyles of children by: IELTS buddy The strong points of this essay are the ideas and organisation. They could be improved but they are generally ok. But there are a significant number of grammatical and vocabulary problems that detract from the clarity of your ideas. So you really need to work on this aspect of your writing. Oct 06, habits and lifestyle by: Anonymous this easy is very good and easy language.

    Jun 03, Can be better by: Elham Not that much to the point. Dec 27, bbggyug by: vvv. Oct 29, food and health by: Anonymous Awesssooomeee. Chemicals in Food by Arum emmanuel Lagos Do the dangers derived from the use of chemicals in food production and preservation outweigh the advantages? Balanced Diet and a Healthy Life by long hong kong. Jan 06, be careful with your position by: chair mao this is a well written essay as i read.

    Your ideas and structure are not too bad, but vocab and grammar errors make it difficult to read and understand in quite a lot of places. You will really need a writing teacher to resolve those problems and improve in that area. Nov 19, can you give me advice how to improve it by: Nilesh patel Pls give me advice.

    a day without food essay A day without food essay
    a day without food essay A day without food essay
    a day without food essay A day without food essay
    a day without food essay A day without food essay
    a day without food essay A day without food essay
    a day without food essay A day without food essay
    a day without food essay A day without food essay
    a day without food essay A day without food essay

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