Reflection using gibbs reflective model essay

MENCAP states that one of the most common problems when accessing healthcare for people with learning disabilities is poor communication n. This can be aided by offering the service user an advocate to communicate on their behalf and by providing information in a variety of ways including visual. They further this with the notion that healthcare professionals should equally value all people, adapt their service so that it meets different needs and understand that each individual will have different needs MENCAP, n.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC further this in 'The Code', which states that all registered nurses and midwives must abide by the professional standards which are to: prioritise people, practise effectively, preserve safety and promote professionalism and trust.

Therefore, the incident whereby another nurse did not take into consideration the individual needs of the patient does not abide by the professional code of conduct; ultimately, they did not recognise when the patient was anxious or in distress and respond compassionately, paying attention to promoting the wellbeing of the service user and making use of a range of verbal and non-verbal communication methods NMC, Compassion is one of the '6cs' introduced in - which are the values and behaviours that are viewed as the quality markers of a health and care service - these being: care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment Department of Health, The 6Cs carry equal weight and should be a part of all service delivery - ensuring that patients are always placed at the heart of the provision DoH, From this experience, I am now more mindful of the importance of being assertive and exert professionalism in practice and not feel as though I cannot do something because of my position within the team or length of experience if similar situations were to arise in the future.

The insight I have gained from this experience means that I am now more aware of the implications of not acting immediately and the importance of acting in the best interests of the patient, even when this may take courage. Strong working relationships between healthcare professionals should also be given a greater emphasis within the oncology ward, so to increase levels of group cohesiveness Rutkowski, Gruder and Romer, Moreover, I will address the needs and alter how I approach a patient with learning difficulties in the future by ensuring that I use the different methods of communication and undertake some independent research on their specific needs; the information of which I can use in my nursing practice.

I will continue to undertake regular professional reflective practice, using the on-going model proposed by Gibbs I also aim to consistently and confidently implement the principles and values as set out by the National League for Nursing, relating to the individual needs of service users, these being:.

These are furthered by the National Health Service NHS , which was created out of the ideal that quality healthcare should be available to all and should meet the individual needs of everyone. Boud, D. Boud, R. Keogh and D. Walker eds. Reflection: turning experience into learning. London: Kogan Page. Gibbs G Learning by Doing: A guide to teaching and learning methods. Further Education Unit. Oxford Polytechnic: Oxford. Kolb, D. Experiential learning: experience as the source of learning and development.

New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

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Action plans sums up your entire reflective writing. It talks about things you need to know before indulging in a particular incident on how to make it positive and steps you will follow on how to improve it the next time if the same situation falls under. You can talk about things that you need to learn or attend some training to improve your practice.

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Our assignment help recently helped a student pursuing a Bachelor of Nursing from a reputed university in Australia in writing a critical reflection assignment following Gibbs Reflective Cycle. The attached Gibbs Reflective Cycle Sample is a reflection and we will help you divide that into a proper Gibbs format. The above is an attached sample. We will help you divide this into a proper format Gibbs and make you understand the use of Gibbs reflective cycle.

This content would reflect upon a medication incident that I came across my previous nursing placement as a student nurse alongside my registered nurse RN , providing care to a patient, who was suffering from reactions to alcohol withdrawal, administered with oral Diazepam.

However, the medicine has to be given intravenously. But RN finally administered the medication through route IV. Therefore, the event was not correct and was resulted in a medication error. Although I was relieved on knowing that the patient did not have any adverse impact due to this.

The incident left me in complete despair as the incident could have caused morbidity in the patient. Although I felt really bad, as I could have also interfered by telling the RN about the flaw in this procedure. But I have now realised and learned from this experience that it is necessary to conduct the medical assessment and duty in a holistic manner with the help of using a person-centred framework and with continence focus Reeve et al.

Therefore, as a team in the clinical scenario described, we could have consulted to check the medical file of the patient, at his bedside to ensure that the medical assessment was conducted correctly Motycka et al. This can also be elaborated in the context of quality teamwork, where we could have used a variety of assessment practices in order to analytically collect important information to simplify our practices NMBA, We could have then deduced the outcomes to prepare a patient-centred continence care plan.

I learned that it is crucial to consider all the plausible consequences and impact of the practice and care on the health and well-being of the patient NMBA, Moreover, the nurse should be proficient to handle a range of technology skills that could support the provision of continence care Davis et al. Hence, the action plan that would ensure that a similar type of medication error does not take place is to include, accurate and technology-intensive identification of the patient, assimilating the asepsis protocol while practising, mandating drug identification training of student as well as registered nurses, through Continuing Nursing Education or CNE Hayes et al.

Also, in order to eradicate errors, the organization should use a computerised system as that would eliminate the chances of medication errors due to the inaccurate readability of handwritings Schiff et al. In addition to this, a stress-free and friendly environment would be created so that the nurses would be able to inform their barriers in practice and could also inform incidences of medication errors Higgins, The above Gibbs Reflective Cycle Sample shows all the traits of a good critical reflection writing.

Not only this reflective covers all of the components of Gibbs exceptionally, but also it helped the student to secure good scores. This may be the conclusion of a single learning experience from a critical incident, however it is the beginning of my development as a professional in my chosen career.

This experience would go a long way in shaping my skills, talents and abilities in the long course of my career in the operating theatres. In future, if similar incident occurred again, I know what to do, which is to carefully check the patients with the medical records and look for distinct signs that identifies the patient about to undergo surgery.

Also, my future practice will involve being more proactive particularly when I strongly believe there is risk to patient safety. I will not assume that other professional staff would have acted in a professional manner and spot all the mistakes. In addition, I will continue to employ the use of Gibbs reflective model to reflective on my day to day to activities.

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This will help me to effectively apply my clinical skills in the maintenance of patient safety and the implementations of the values and principles set by the HCPC. Positive patient identification is the foundation of effective healthcare because it allow the right care to be delivered to each patient based on his or her individual needs.

When a patients comes through the door of the surgery room, if the correct medical chart with correct patient information is not accessed, there can be serious repercussions. This could result to loss of money in court settlements and also the damage of reputation of the medical personnel and rust involved. This incident has taught me to realise that proper patient ID confirmation at every step of clinical care is essential to patient safety.

On reflection, I have ascertained that patient identification errors can be avoided by improving usability of physical, electronic and assigned patient identifiers by using well-designed ID alerts during order entry. Also, healthcare facilities can design and implement an effective patient identification system that identifies patients accurately and retrieves their correct medical record. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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Reflection using gibbs reflective model essay
Reflection using gibbs reflective model essay
Reflection using gibbs reflective model essay
Reflection using gibbs reflective model essay
Reflection using gibbs reflective model essay
Reflection using gibbs reflective model essay
Reflection using gibbs reflective model essay
Reflection using gibbs reflective model essay

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