Writing nursing research critique papers

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Tangkawanich et al, p provide an abstract, which is identified by Cormack as an important introduction to the article. The study effectively summarises the research, by identifying the variables being tested. The authors do not, however, present the hypothesis in the abstract Cormack, The abstract contains a summary of the study sample, and also identifies the research tools that have been used.

They include the results and a summary of conclusions from these findings. As such, the abstract does represent the article itself PHRU, , online , and for the reader, it does make it easy to identify whether or not the article is relevant to their interest. In particular, it does indicate clearly that it is a quantitative paper which uses recognisable data collection tools.

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Although Cormack separates these two into distinct subheadings, within this article, the introduction and literature review are contiguous. The author has noted that this is often the case in the reporting of such studies, but this may simply be a convention of the publication itself, and not the preference of the authors of the study. They discuss changes and advances in treatment options for this condition, and relate this to HRQL, and then discuss the disease itself, and how these impact upon HRQL Tangkawanich et al, p They summarise some research about this topic, and also look at self-care strategies, symptom management and treatment Tangkawanich et al, p There is some exploration of HRQL and its relationship to nursing and to existing literature on this topic, which aids understanding of the concept prior to reading the rest of the article.

They highlight some important topics in relation to the focus of the article, including treatment, social support, and other issues Tangkawanich et al, p It is not enough to cite previous research as a means of establishing the credentials of the study, as it were. A wider range of research could have been included Gerrish and Lacey, , 38; Fontana, , p 93 , and this research could have been evaluated to identify its quality. It is left to the reader to pursue this matter and determine the quality of the research upon which they base the premise and justification for this study.

This could be considered a limitation in the reporting of this research. The authors do not state a hypothesis Cormack, , as such, but instead present a research question. The nature of this statement would suggest that it is not an experimental study, but that it is within a quantitative research paradigm.

Cormack suggests that people appraising research question whether operational definitions are clearly presented. In this study, operational definitions are explained within the introduction but in language that would make it inaccessible to the less experienced or less knowledgeable reader. The methodology section does not clearly state or discuss the choice of a quantitative approach Cormack, The focus of the section on Methods is rather on the instruments that are being used. The quality of this study seems to rest in the choice of a quantitative approach, and the choice of data collection instruments.

Quantitative research approaches offer a better standards of evidence, with generally greater ability for replication and greater rigour Kitson et al, p ; Duffy, , p As far as research for healthcare practice is concerned, quantitative studies hold better status than those based with a qualitative paradigm Hek, p 19; Newman et al, p ; Pepler et al, , p There is however no real discussion of the underpinning principles of quantitative research Parahoo, It is good that the research instruments are explained in such detail, because it helps overcome one of the limitations of quantitative research, that of not asking the right questions to elicit answers that relate to person al experience Johnson and Onwuegbuzie, p This could constitute a limitation of this research, as it is not possible to identify if there was any sampling bias, how participants were recruited, who recruited them, and any ethical issues in relation to participant recruitment Hek, , p 20; PHRU, , online, Bowling, This author would argue that this is a weakness of the study, as these are crucial elements of quality measurement in primary research within healthcare Austin, p 1; Cooper, , p ; Nuremberg Code, , online.

Sample selection is not discussed in any detail, which could be a weakness of the study, as mentioned above Cormack, Sample size is stated, but it is not stated whether this was statistically determined, which could also be considered a weakness, as achieving a statistically sound sample size is important within quantitative research Daggett et al, , p ; Donovan, Data collection procedures are not adequately described in this study Cormack, This would be problematic for replication and for rigour.

The issue of researcher bias is important in the completion of data collection tools, and while questionnaires may be considered a way of avoiding this, if they are remotely administered, it is not always possible to check they are full, or honest, or completed by the intended target Gillham, , p Having the researcher present, however, could introduce bias or influence of some kind, particularly in vulnerable people Bowling, As these are vulnerable adults attending clinics for their chronic condition, not discussion how the data was collected from them is a serious failing and may also constitute an ethical issue.

However, a strength of this study could be considered to be the use of multiple data collection instruments, and the detail with which they are described, and their provenance accounted for.

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These are described in detail, and where they are based on previously developed research or derived directly from previous studies, this is also described. As these are established research data collection tools, this would suggest they have been previously validated, which adds to the quality of the research Yu and Cooper, p 36; Oppenheim, ; McDowell and Newell, ; McColl et al, p 1.

The demographics of the sample are addressed to some extent, and the use of multiple tools also helps to address potential confounding variables or factors PHRU, , online. It is clearly stated within the study that ethical approval was derived from an appropriate body, and that informed consent was achieved, both of which signify good ethical consideration here Cormack, However, there is no explanation of what information was given to the participants, how informed consent was achieved, or if there was any issue with communication or accessibility for people with different communication needs.

It does not specifically address issues of anonymity and confidentiality Cormack, , but instead seems to focus on safety Tangkawanich et al, p The results of this study are presented in tables, diagrams, and in great detail within the text of the paper.

Writing nursing research critique papers
Writing nursing research critique papers
Writing nursing research critique papers
Writing nursing research critique papers
Writing nursing research critique papers
Writing nursing research critique papers
Writing nursing research critique papers
Writing nursing research critique papers

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