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Reality Television Program

However, it has also promoted negative aspects, such as violence, lowered moral, time consuming, and fear, especially in children. Without a doubt, television has played an important role in our daily life, and it is beneficial to people in several ways. First, television is a great source of providing information and a helpful tool for education.

Television shows people to see what is going on around them by giving current news, weather reports, sporting events, or information about places and criminals around the world. For example, watching the Most Wanted Show hosted by John Walsh gives people some information about criminals to take precautions.

Television also feeds people information and knowledge without going anywhere. There are programs, such as education, history, travel, or discovery that people can learn about places, cultures, and histories of other countries or learn about the world of wild animals. Moreover, watching television can help people improve their English, such as listening skills, vocabulary, or the way American people talk. Besides, TV is a good way for communication.

Television Program For Children

For example, the international chan Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. The scene has brought upon you a rush of adrenaline that…. The main concept involved in this research is that children are influenced of violence and aggression by the media.

Television advantages and disadvantages

In this experiment, results would indicate the constitute acts of physical and verbal aggression and the number of acts of aggression in each program. This research is considered necessary…. Yes, both stories will be appealing to the audience and will have attention but one story is more appealing when it comes to ratings and what will benefit both the audience and the television station. TV has become the leading source on entertainment and time consuming for many people. Parents are too busy trying to provide for their children and keep a roof over their head.

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Some parents can do all these things and still keep a close watch on their children, but others cannot. Login Join. Open Document.

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As the development of technology, a numerous of families have TV sets at home, which has caused watching the TV program has became become a popular activity among the parents and their kids. Children are good at imitating other people,people; therefore they could follow the behavior of the actor in the program. For instance, the Breaking Bad is a popular program, and some of my friends think that the main character whothat works with bad people and makes drugs is very cool. As a result of that, theyThey are quite interested in earning moneys by making drugs as what that actor does in the program and desire to do that.

However, It's that is really ridiculous for them because they should know that making drugs is illegal.

Television shows Essay Example

That is a powerful example to demonstrate that the TV programs will affect the teenagers' mind and lead them to a wrong way. Secondly, watching TV programs could not only influence their mind but also hurt their eyesighteye sights. If the children watch TV for a long time, their visions would decrease.

Some doctors have claimed that if people look at a the stuff for a long time, their eyes will feel tired, which is unhealthy. They can go out to see the nature and also learn from the nature for their science class. Moreover, if their visions are decreased, they have to wear glasses, which is baneful in the same wayfor their performance in the P. Because wearing glasses is inconvinceinconvenient, they would have trouble in doing sports, which would be harmful for their achievements in terms of the physical education at school.

Nowadays, fitness is a really important class for the students.

Is Television a Good or Bad Influence?

As a result, they won't get satisfied marks in physical education class. Furthermore, there… Show More. The Damage of Television Essay death of our society not too long ago our society was not dependent on electricity and electronics. I was… Words - Pages 2. Is it parents seeking help from the super nanny with their unruly children, detectives investigating brutal senseless murders on inner city streets… Words - Pages 8. One of the first reasons why parents should limit the amount of that their children spend watching TV is that… Words - Pages 2.

Essay on Censorship: Profanity and Television is a very hot topic among people of all ages.

essay about tv programmes Essay about tv programmes
essay about tv programmes Essay about tv programmes
essay about tv programmes Essay about tv programmes
essay about tv programmes Essay about tv programmes
essay about tv programmes Essay about tv programmes
essay about tv programmes Essay about tv programmes

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