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Individuals who are collaborative and collegial possessing the ability to be independent and a self-starter. Master of Science in Genetic Counseling. Entries will not be returned. Submitted essays cannot have been previously published, neither in print nor online. One genetic counselor will be chosen for the Code Talker Award and will receive a special prize in recognition of his or her service to patients.

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Our editorial team collected the best essays we received and have assembled a book that provides insights into how patients and their families have been touched by their genetic counselors. Each essay highlights a different genetic counselor and the amazing contribution he or she made in a patient's life on a daily basis.

What is a diagnosis worth? What does this have to do with genetic counseling? It turns out, quite a lot. This is our story of how an amazing genetic counselor, Margaret Au, not only guided us through hearing some of the worst news our family ever received, but also how she helped us handle the unforeseen repercussions of one epic financial battle.

Our daughter has been a medical mystery since she was 3 years old when she began experiencing migraines. That first symptom was followed by many others, from cataracts to kidney stones.

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Her diagnoses ranged from congenital hypomyelination to osteomesopyknosis. Medical testing for someone with an undiagnosed rare disorder can only be described as an odyssey. For Amy, it became an unmerry-go-round of unexpected diagnoses, followed by more testing, leading to still more unusual diagnoses. There were never any treatments; none of it made any positive difference for her life.

It was just an endless, exhausting cycle. When she was 15 years old, we simply stepped off the ride. We continued to meet her medical needs as they arose but stopped looking for answers. And for a long time, things were okay. She was stable. She had time to develop and grow away from the microscope of medical diagnostics. That changed nine years later, when Amy was 24 years old. One day, lightly hopping from one foot to the other, Amy suffered a spiral fracture of the femur. Her bone, which prior tests had told us was unusual but not concerning, had completely given out.

We were terrified there would be more breaks. We returned to the testing world and found that there was a new tool for diagnosing medical mysteries — whole exome sequencing. Genetic testing means genetic counseling, and while Margaret Au may have the title of genetic counselor, she quickly became our champion. The prognosis is not good. There are no treatments.

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Margaret helped us to digest all of this information. Despite our endless calls and emails, Margaret made us feel that talking to our family was the most important thing she had to do. Margaret skillfully guided us to world-renowned experts. She made connections for us with the National Institutes of Health. We learned how to keep our daughter safe from further trauma. And for the very first time, we met other families with similar diagnoses.

Instead of isolation, we were suddenly part of a community. In the midst of the most difficult of circumstances, we felt supported and secure. Then that unexpected bill arrived. We were still reeling from learning our daughter had a progressive, life-threatening disease. We called Margaret in desperation.

We were still reel- ing from learning our daughter had a progressive, life-threatening disease. Our mild-mannered counselor turned into a superhero. She researched similar cases. She drafted letters.

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And, when we were denied, she pushed deeper into research and wrote more letters, all to support our claim. With every denial, Margaret helped us fight harder.

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  8. Two long years later, on our very last available appeal, her hard work quite literally paid off. We became that unusual case where an insurance company reversed its irreversible decision.

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    Our bill was paid, and we could focus on our daughter. When we were referred to a genetic counselor, I anticipated meeting someone knowledgeable and emotionally supportive. I did not expect a warrior who would become our champion. For our family, and for all of her patients, genetic counselor Margaret Au is priceless. Her voice was sweet, but the words hurt. There was nothing she could do to take the pain away or ease the sting. After four consecutive miscarriages, this pregnancy entered the second trimester, so we felt hopeful — but the celebration was short-lived. Our doctor found anomalies during the ultrasound.

    Visions of pink or blue became gray. We quickly learned what an enlarged nuchal fold meant — darker gray — and then chronic villus sampling CVS — darker gray. On the day that I was fourteen weeks pregnant, Sarah, our genetic counselor, called and gently delivered the CVS results. My world went black. I hung up the phone. Planning for a family. Get helpful information to guide important health decisions before, during and after pregnancy.

    Genetic counseling services. Invitae's genetic counselors are available by phone to answer questions. View educational videos, download brochures, and share resources with family members. Get answers to frequently asked questions about the genetic testing process, results, and more. Invitae tests.

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