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Vigilante justice can turn out to be either accepted or neglected by society and thus the person who took the action would be a community hero or criminal respectively.

The key terms I see in your proposal includes vigilante justice. Your proposal is very lengthy and detailed, and there is no doubt that you will have plenty to discuss in your research paper. You bring up many various topics, some that are common sense and some that are much more debatable, which opens a lot of opportunities for you to talk about these things in your paper.

Your proposal offers at least two distinctive sides for vigilante justice and opposed. I also think it was smart to describe some of your key sources that will potentially have the greatest impact on your writing. However, I think with all of your description of potential topics, you may have made this too broad to answer in an page paper. Your key question also seems to get lost in here, because reading through, I thought I had found it multiple times, only to seem like another statement was more adequate. The key terms here are clear enough and somewhat specific, in that it is clear what you are going to discuss but they may not be specific enough that you can limit your conversation on this to the right length of a paper.

Otherwise, I think your proposal is well thought out and has plenty of potential for a great research paper.

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The Politics of Protection: Perspectives on Vigilantism in Nigeria | Africa | Cambridge Core

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Vigilantes have also been known to harass, threaten, assault, and assassinate opponents. These frustrations make them vulnerable to indoctrination by older generations — largely politicians — who give the young recruits ideological direction and justification for their actions. Vigilantism has also flourished because of a lack of deterrence.

Empathy and Ethics

Criminal justice agencies — particularly the police — are highly ineffective against vigilantes. It might give them power, esteem, prestige and a sense of belonging. They must be given enough support to find alternative livelihoods.

Street Justice: UK vigilantes stand up as police fails to combat riots

Ghana could draw lessons from Sierra Leone who successfully demobilised and re-settled ex-combatants after conflict. Unless government policies create a more equal society, for example, through better employment opportunities for young people, vigilantism will remain a stable feature of Ghanaian politics.

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Understanding Vigilantism - Informal Security Providers and Security Sector Reform in Liberia

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  5. Urban Vigilantism: A Study of Anti‐Terror Law, Politics and Policing in Istanbul.

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research papers on vigilantism Research papers on vigilantism
research papers on vigilantism Research papers on vigilantism
research papers on vigilantism Research papers on vigilantism
research papers on vigilantism Research papers on vigilantism
research papers on vigilantism Research papers on vigilantism
research papers on vigilantism Research papers on vigilantism

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